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Box Bags Clear Deja Vue


 Our newest Deja Vue Clear Box Bags are a hit!  Recently shown at TNNA, the nation's largest wholesale trade show for the knitting industry, these little guys were being snapped up by all of your LYS (local yarn stores)


Width: 5 inches, Height: 5 inches, Length: 12 inches

THE VINYL -  Has 3 clear sides made of a patterned clear vinyl so you can easily see into your bag without even opening it. This is a "Plus" for those of us who have more than one knitting project going at the same time - now we can see which bag to grab without opening every one! The pattern is the quilting Wedding Ring pattern that is punched out into the vinyl - an extra delightful feature of this bag.  Also, if bag is accidentally placed onto dampness, your project will not be affected! Helps keep everything dry.

 THE COTTON -  The fabric is a durable and thick cotton blend. All prints come with matching interior fabric.

 THE FEATURES -  Has a 16 inch durable YKK nylon zipper in a coordinating color and a flat band handle at top end for easy carrying. Our zipper is fine toothed so it does NOT catch on the yarn at all! All RETAIL Deja Vue bags feature a Fleur de Lys  charm (Tika bag signature) as a zipper pull. 






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