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In prep for my then up-coming knee surgery, I squeezed lots of activities into my few days off as though 

they were my last days on earth.  I shopped with my daughter, bought a Bose music system and an iPhone 6 and 

registered for a cooking class at King of Prussia Mall.  The only baking class I could fit  into my miserably 

crowded life was a Croissant making class which excited and terrified me at the same time.  I was no good 

at rolling dough.  I had purchased Pillsbury pie crusts for years.  My daughter had never had the pleasure 

of rolling Christmas cookies and cutting them out into cookie cutter shapes... because I was terrified of the 

dough!  It always tore apart and stuck onto the rolling pin so much so that I threw the last attempted batch 

into the garbage and gave up.

So it was with great trepidation I crept in to the classroom with visions of being the laughing stock of the 

class.Surely there were classmates who had attempted croissants before.. surely there were classmates who 

were even proficient with dough and had made not only croissants but pies, cookies, tarts,... Oh no!  What 

was I getting myself into?

To my surprise the class was efficiently run  with first folds already prepared so that all we had to do was 

learn to smack the dough with our rolling pins (which I was really good at)  and to roll it out in rectangles to 

fold and refrigerate again.The rolling was actually easy ( not sticking).  We were given the correct tools of 

the trade and tips by the chef on how to roll with correct quantities of flour. Two hours and much folding 

later my team produced a mixture of 30 chocolate and plain butter croissants.

Nothing better in the whole world than warm croissants fresh from the oven! OMG!                                                           

So much to my surprise, I later found a knitting pattern to make croissants with butter! An ingenious 

permanent  addition to my kitchen that both delights and reminds me of that wonderful morning baking warm 

buttery goodness.

Yes, you can knit... I did say "knit"  up a plateful of croissants with Sara Elizabeth Kellner's Ravelry pattern 

"Croissants with Butter".  You can find it here for $2.50:


Croissants with Butter Pattern

Look how luscious these croissants look.  Imagine them in your kitchen.




Of course, we recommend using Tika's Worsted 80% Alpaca / 20% Merino Blend yarn. A 200 yd skein is 

enough to make this project with enough left over for another ( a hat or headband perhaps??) or more flaky croissants 

to give to friends.

Click here to order:

            Tika Worsted Weight Yarn       

So set aside some time to enjoy that cup of coffee and have a croissant... freshly 

baked, store-bought or knitted.



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