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Do You Project Bag?



Years ago I realized that project bags were definitely a THING!! I've seen flat ones, round ones, triangular ones, tiny ones and gigantic ones ...but which are the best?


When you've got many languishing Works In Progress (WIPS), you've truly got a problem. How to store these lovelies? You don't want to let your beautiful project fall into the hands of... the dreaded ziploc bag.  Yes, you can see what's inside, they keep your knitting clean and dry and are surprisingly resistant to having the needles poke through them.  Plus they are cheap... replaceable... and did I mention cheap?

But come on, ladies!

There’s a whole wide world of trendy, adorabe, whimsical project bags out there...and one of them has your name on it. 

Sew your own, acquire one at knitting conventions, stalk your favorite designers at sheep and wool festivals or snatch one up when they do shop updates…  Extra points if your project bag matches your knitting project.

Project bags are reusable, you say, so how many project bags does a person need, you say?


What type of knitter are you?

Do you knit because you want the thing at the end, or do you knit because you enjoy the process?  Do you sit and knit on one thing, or do you cast on with abandon, regardless of the status of your other projects?

 So if you’re only working (generally) on one project at a time, why would you need more than one project bag? You knit your thing, boom, you’re done, then you fill the bag with the next project. One bag is enough!

However, if you have some languishing Works in Progress (WIPs) just like any other knitter, not focusing on one project at a time, meaning your languishing WIPs have TRULY languished. They’re not from last week or last month. They’re from 2006. Not kidding.

If you are that knitter who has multiple projects going at the same time... 2006 sleeved shawl... 2008 baby sweater (oh, by the way,the baby is now in second grade), perhaps you need multiple bags as well, some of them being clear project bags so you can remember what's inside.


There are bags that velcro together.  But VELCRO AND YARN TOGETHER ARE A TERRIBLE IDEA.

There are bags with drawstring tops.  BUT THEY SLIDE OPEN AND... YOU'VE LOST YOUR NEEDLES.


For larger projects, like a sweater, larger tote bags still do the trick.


We’ve been carrying this Slick Wristlet in the shop for a little while now, but it’s such a favorite that we can’t resist showing it off again. 

This is a sturdy, draw-string bag with a laminated bottom and a handy clip on the side. We actually love this clip — it’s perfect as a yarn guide, to keep your scissors somewhere handy, to organize stitch markers, or to attach the bag to something else (keeping it firmly inside another bag if you’re travelling, for example.) And finally, to attach it to belt loop or purse for knitting on-the-go.

The laminated bag keeps your project dry even at the beach. A cordlock on the drawstring cinches the bag tight so you don't lose needles, etc. 

This is a total classic of a project bag - the Slick Tricot. Ours are made with a fun contrasting lining . This is a nice sturdy bag that sits up on its own when you’re knitting and then folds down to be tucked away. It is big enough to hold larger projects like a sweater. It too has a cordlock and laminate bottom.

The Zippered Box Bag is pared down, but with some subtle, special details, like the quilt batting between the walls to give the bag structure (and keep sharp needles from poking through ,the zipper tag, the square-sewn sides, and the fine-toothed zipper, to ensure your yarn doesn’t snag.

The NEW Deja Vue Clear Zippered Box Bag is perfect for those of us with many WIP's. Clear vinyl on 3 sides in a "punched-out" quilter's wedding ring pattern and whimsical fabric on the other 3 sides. Some special details include: a fine-toothed zipper, color coordinating interior, bound off inner seams and a handle just long enough for on-the-go knitting. Now you can see exactly what you're looking for...

So, in conclusion… do you project bag? Do you have one or multiple? What’s your favorite kind? Do you match to the project inside?

It’s no secret that we love a good project bag: one with unique features,that will sit up on its own, sewn in a pretty fabric, and large enough for whatever it is we’re working on.

Check out ours to see if they fit your style.  Happy Knitting!




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